Dear train enthusiast. is a private, independent and non-profit making web-gallery. It was established in November 2003 to share images of the Ofoten Line and the Iron Ore Line, which runs between Narvik and Kiruna, with fellow railway enthusiasts on the net. Most of the content has been photographed by myself. Pictures originating from before 1990 have been provided by the Ofoten Museum or the Narvik Municipal Collection. The photographers’ full names are given in the thumbnail list, my own pictures are annotated TS.

Information in each caption states:
1. Railway company
2. Locomotive, rolling stock or structure classification
3. Site of picture
4. Other relevant information.
5. Date of photograph
6. Photographer

All stills and moving images are the subject of copyright. Download is strictly for personal use only. Permission will not be granted to edit or publish any material, either on the net (including personal homepages) or in printed form. Images can be bought for publishing purposes or as full-size photo quality prints by sending an E-mail. All original photographs are high resolution.

My still pictures have been taken using a variety of equipment such as Nikon F90x / Fujipro S1 / Nikon D70 / Nikon D300, with Nikon lenses, and Fujifilm X-E1, X-E2 and X-Pro2, with Fujinon lenses. Video has been recorded on Canon MiniDV camcorders, edited in Adobe Premiere and encoded in QuickTime.

I am very grateful to the late Trygve Romsloe and his generous familiy. Romsloe's impressive photo and movie documentary work is of great importance to the Railway community, an important part of this Gallery, and he is for sure an inspiration to me.

Thank You to my photo and Net comrades for their contributions to this Gallery: Thor Bjerke, Holger Breitfeld, Gunnar Gjerde, Andreas Hall, Harald Harnang, Kjetil Jansson, Rainald Kaube, Odd Arne Loeshagen, Waldemar Mathiesen, Lennart Nilsson, Roar G Nilsson, Wolfgang Pischek, Michael Sander, Cees Schap, Bjorn Schistad, Siegfried Schöpfer, Staale Ualand, Alexander Westerlund, Øistein Øisjøfoss and Jørn Aalmen. I hope there are more comrades to come!

Journalist and Railway Enthusiast Andrew Glasse voluntered to rewrite my schoolstyle English. Thank You, Andrew!

First version of the Gallery was pure homebrew HTML, second version used the Coppermine script and PhP/MySQL, this 3rd version resides comfortably on Smugmug.

New material will be uploaded at irregular intervals.

Welcome back to view more of my Arctic Trains. Trains pictures are never boring!

 Terje Storjord

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